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Installation Problems - Freespace Port
Installation Problems - Freespace 1 Campaign /with screenshot

1. I got both games. Freespace 1 original, i was missing an CD of Freespace 2 so i bought it again over steam.

2. Installed FS1 in C:/Games/Freespace1, and Freespace 2 over Steam into C:/Games/Freespace2.

3. Then i ran the installer to C:/Games/Freespace2 (as mentioned in the manual instructions)

4. Everything seems to work fine, i could start the Freespace 2 campaign without any problems.

5. But i am struggling with the Freespace 1 campaign.

Please check the picture in attachment, im not getting beyond these errors.

I hope someone out there can help, thank you

[attachment stolen by Russian hackers]
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Re: Installation Problems - Freespace Port
It just says it failed without saying why; a screenshot of the final summary might be more helpful, or an archive of the installer's log folder.

Alternatively, there may just have been a temporary server hiccup; if you run the installer again, does it still fail?
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Re: Installation Problems - Freespace Port
Thank you for your reply, it still fails:
I did not get a final summary, i tried it several times for about 3 hours and waited at least 10 minutes but at some point it stopped to install. While the "next" button is still greyed out i could close with "x" top right.
Thats all i could do. Also tried to manually install "" (Topic: FreeSpace Port 3.5 + FSPort Media VPs Release!  (Read 31365 times)) but struggling without having an .exe and no clue where to find the launcher, the noted wx launcher didnt show up in my Freespace2 folder. So im kind of stuck, failed on both - installing, and trying to work around the error. ;)


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Re: Installation Problems - Freespace Port
wx launcher installs to program files (x86)


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Re: Installation Problems - Freespace Port
5. But i am struggling with the Freespace 1 campaign.

Please check the picture in attachment, im not getting beyond these errors.

I just tested the FSPort installation and it works for me.  Can you zip up your "logs" folder and post it as an attachment?  You can find this in the same directory as FreeSpaceOpenInstaller.jar.