Author Topic: New to FS2Open - how do i play?  (Read 709 times)

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New to FS2Open - how do i play?
Hi -

I installed FS2 to the default directory from the FS2 CDs, then downloaded the FS2Open Installer (v2.3.0).
Ran through the 'Custom' installer, and selected all the 2014 FSU Media VPs, FSU v3.6.12 MediaVPs, the FS port, ST Reborn, FS Port Media VPs 3.6.12.  Guess I must have forgotten to pick a launcher, as after it downloaded 13GB of files, I went to the FS2 directory, and couldn't find a launcher.

Re-ran the setup, this time picking 'custom' again, and selecting Freespace Open 3.8.0 Win64 Std and Win64 AVX, along with "YAL" for Windows.

Pic1 shows the current modules I've installed

Pic2 shows my FS2 folder

I've tried the "fs2_open_3_8_0_*" files, and they open FS2 as normal

Question - where do I select what Media VPs it uses?

Also, where do I select some of the other campaigns - silent threat reborn, FS port, etc?

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Re: New to FS2Open - how do i play?
K so I think I figured it out.

Launched "YAL", and then selected the "fs2_open_3_8_0_AVX" (let me know if I should pick one of the other ones?)
Went to 'mod' and selected MediaVPs_2014, but that doesn't show anything on the 'mod details' screen (see screenshot - not sure if I did something wrong?)
I can run the game, but can't really tell a difference (at least judging by the first few seconds of the first training mission) between the 'no mod' vanilla FS2, and the media FS2.  Shields, etc. look the same, although I did notice the mediaVPs have no background nebula?

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Re: New to FS2Open - how do i play?
Try wxLauncher.  Should install to \program files (x86), and should put entries in the start menu (so just type wxlauncher in the start search).


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Re: New to FS2Open - how do i play?
This thread should be in the Freespace & Freespace Open Support forum