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Re: [SOLVED] How to fix space backgrounds?
Knossos currently uses a fairly simple system right now: If the content of a package (not necessarily a VP file, can be loose files as well) changes, that package is downloaded again. If the contents didn't change, the download is skipped. Splitting the files into several packages and grouping them based on how likely they're going to change, could make updates easier. For example, if you put all your missions in a single package, that should be quite small and will be the only thing Knossos will download to update (as long as you only change missions, of course).

Implementing real deltas would require quite some work and probably additional server load (since the delta generation will most likely have to happen there but that shouldn't be a problem). I'm not quite sure if it's worth implementing something like xdelta3 to diff individual files or if just generating archives with the changed files would be enough. The latter option would be much easier.


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Re: [SOLVED] How to fix space backgrounds?
Also it might be better to use a dedicated wxlauncher or launcher 5.5g for TBP 3.5 as having a huge list of other mods will likely confuse new players!
Launcher 5.5 is completely dead and wxLauncher is now the legacy way of doing things.  Even with other mods, installing things via Knossos is way easier than any other way.  Also, showing a bunch of other mods to players is a good thing, since that has the potential to draw more people into playing other mods.
My idea behind 3.5 was to make this an easy thing for people not knowing about FSO. Anyone else can find the necessary files, patches and launchers themselves anyway :).
Have you tried Knossos at all?  It's by far the easiest way to install and play FSO of any sort, whether it be a TC like TBP or a mod like BP.  It's best for both new players and veterans.  Just because someone knows how to track down a bunch of files and patches doesn't mean that it's a good experience.
I have not much time on my hand due to Bloodlines, but please give that to me.
The best thing you could do for TBP right now is pause work on Bloodlines and test Raider Wars.  I believe the current plan is to release just that campaign initially (since it's the best one) and fix the others as time permits.
I probably already explained it, but I think if there are not any game breaking bugs you should go open beta as fast as possible and let players help with the project. There is no way for the two or three people I assume are working on this right now to playtest all available missions in a reasonable time!
An open beta in Knossos is another way to go but I'd rather get some stuff tested first because unlike SVN, small changes can trigger massive downloads. If we're still in this state in a couple of months, it might be worth considering.
I think if we made a push over the next few weeks to make sure Raider Wars is generally release-worthy (it's already in decent shape from what I could tell from a cursory playthrough) and fixed any other glaring issue (like the empty weapon one, which we do have a fix for and which I should push), releasing the assets plus RW on Knossos might not be a bad idea.  I would strongly disagree with putting the other campaigns up there though.  Having separate SVN and Knossos repos would be a small inconvenience, but I don't think it would be too bad, considering we probably wouldn't have to make sweeping updates at any one time.
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Re: [SOLVED] How to fix space backgrounds?
For Knossos is it possible to put something as loose files for now and then switch to VP files simply by ticking the box? Or would we have to move files?
Karajorma's Freespace FAQ. It's almost like asking me yourself.

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Re: [SOLVED] How to fix space backgrounds?
The folder structure is the same whether you use the automatic VP packing or not. So yes, you can use loose files for now and tick the box later.


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Re: [SOLVED] How to fix space backgrounds?
It's a five minute fix, but it would then require me reuploading and everyone else redownloading the whole of TBP. So no point in doing it now.

So the current version runs on wxlauncher 0.12?

We are in open beta. Anyone who wants SVN access can have it.

Yeah, but this is kind of an developer open beta with just a handful of people involved. When I release a patch tenthousand of people download it and if only 10% report bugs they find, it's much easier to me than to replay the game a hundred times over myself...

As for checking the TBP beta, if I find the time I can test the Starfury Missions which I patched myself. I know a bit about them and they would be another great thing to add to TBP 3.5 from the start as they more or less replay the most badass TV show battles :)!