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I was playing the main FS1 campaign via FSPort 3.5 (with MediaVPs 2014) on a nightly from October.

I played the mission where you're trying to get people to help the Vasudan scientist refugees from Altair.  The GTSC Rosetta comes in and then two transports come in to get scientists from the Rosetta.  The mission plays fine for the most part. 
There is one minor issue I noticed though.  When the waves of Shaitan bombers come in to attack the Rosetta and launch bombs...the bombs look like Shivan bombs in the game and in the targeting box picture in the lower left corner of the screen.  The issue is that right above the targeting box, the label is "Tsunami" which is of course the name of an allied bomb.

It's a very minor issue, but is it possible to fix?


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Actually i was never sure if this is really a bug.

Because all missiles exists as a Shivan version aswell.

The Bombers in the said mission are using "Tsunami#Shivan" for example, to be precise.

Aswell the Shivans are using #Shivan editions of the Phoenix V, Interceptor and Hornet very much for example during the campaign.
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Originally they were carrying Tsunami's in FS1; the Shivans never had their own Missiles, with the notable exception of the "Unknown Bomb" and "Unknown Megabomb", until the 3.6.9 (?) MediaVPs.

The "Unknown Bomb" and "Unknown Megabomb" that exist in the FS1-tables (and so in the FS-Port tables) are actually special issue weapons for mission without shields when a stray blast would have killed or crippled your fighter.
- The "Unknown Bomb" has next to no blast radius (5 for full damage, 30 for half)
- The "Unknown Megabomb" has an unusually large half damage radius (450) but doesn't have the subsystem damage modifier other bombs have.
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It's a very minor issue, but is it possible to fix?
Is it possible? Sure; modify the tables so that Shivan version isn't named "Tsunami" anymore. Of course, since the name is how it's identified in missions and default loadouts, you also need to change the ship tables and every mission that refers to "Tsunami#Shivan"... so it's not a simple change, but it's possible.

EDIT: I forgot about Alt Name, which would probably work much easier.
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