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FreeSpace Blue question
Can you tell if there are significant changes to original FS2 campaign in FreeSpace Blue, or there are only some subtle ones?

I'd like to try this campaign, but I don't know if it's worth my time as I finished the original campaign like 10+ time when I was a child.


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Re: FreeSpace Blue question
Hey -

From what I remember from my last playthrough, there are a handful of change types FSBlue makes:
  • Bugfixes - a big one. The Phoenecia always jumps out in Bearbaiting, for one. Other fixes you may or may not notice, depending on how many bugs you encountered in your original playthroughs.
  • Mission balance - a few times. In some cases, ships that used to arrive later on in missions are present at the beginning, or vice versa. For instance, in The King's Gambit, more ships are present at the blockade at the start of the mission, and more warships are in the initial attack in Slaying Ravana. In other cases, weapons are swapped to make mission flow better. Again in The King's Gambit, I believe the Mjolnir beam cannons are given the fixed-location beams instead of the tracking beams, because otherwise they pretty much destroyed every ship for you.
  • Weapon balance - another fairly big one. The Morning Star is made to be incredibly good. The Kayser has become a rotary weapon, firing from alternating weapon points at a higher rate (like the Balor from Age of Aquarius). TAG missiles actually work in more missions now, as many later missions have at least one ship designated to provide fire support. This is the change that overall I noticed the most.

So if you're looking for a really different experience, you probably won't find it with FSBlue. Someone who worked on the project could probably tell you more, but I'd say it's best for someone who wants to play FS2 again, but smoother.
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Re: FreeSpace Blue question
Thanks for summary - these looks like subtle changes, so I won't bother with the campaign.


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Re: FreeSpace Blue question
You should play it again, especially if you’ve played the FS2 campaign before, since you’ll notice what’s different even more. Just the functioning TAG missiles are worth the price of admission. But actually good versions of Slaying Ravana, High Noon, and Their Finest Hour? Sekhmets flyable in Bearbaiting? Actually good Prometheus R? Fast Boanerges? Fighter-bomber Bakha? It’s definitely worth your time.