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Download speed reduces during FSO installation
When I ran the FSO installer initially it starts downloading the game @ the rated speed of my internet (10mbps), however after 15-20 mins its speed drops to (1-2mbps). I am currently installing the game. Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Download speed reduces during FSO installation
Well, the Files for the FSO Installer are on different download servers. So it is possible that one server is slower than another one.
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Re: Download speed reduces during FSO installation


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Re: Download speed reduces during FSO installation
Sometimes a pause / resume will help if it's not actually the server's load that's the issue.  (I've seen the exact same thing from frickin Microsoft servers, it wasn't the load, it was the darned ISP or the route taken that was the issue).

Another thing that would sometimes magically work was *cough, cough* firing up a tab for  and running a download speed test.

This could all just be me, however, personally I think there was something to it.  :nono:

You could also try using Knossos, that's almost at v1.0 release now (right around the corner if nothing goes wrong).