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Repair Bay and Refit Points
Where is the data stored for the number of Refit points that Repair Bays have? I see them for the trucks, but not the buildings.

Here is the building info:
ul DmgLevel=460
f ExtentRadius=35.000000
f ExplosionRadius=0.000000
f ExplosionDamage=0.000000
l BuildingName=0
l BuildingDescription = 30969
l SetImpassable=1
l XImpasse=0
l YImpasse=0
ul NormalEffectId=0
ul BlownEffectId=0
ul DamageEffectId=0
b CanRefit=t
b MechBay=false
f TimeToBurnDamage=5.000000
f BurnDamagePerTime=1.000000
f DamageLvlForBurn=22.000000
f SensorRange=-1.000000
l TeamID=-1
l Tonnage=20
l BattleRating=20
l NumMarines=0
b blockLineOfFire=FALSE
l LowTemplate=2013790208
l HighTemplate=2127992
l PotentialContact=0
l BasePixelOffsetX=11
l BasePixelOffsetY=65
b Capturable = true
ul ActivityEffectId=80

and here is a truck:
st Name               ="Repair Truck"
st AppearanceName            ="repairtruck"
l ExplosionObject            =700
l DestroyedObject            =0
f ExtentRadius            =20.000000

//Read by Type
uc Chassis               =0
b MineLayer               =FALSE
b MineSweeper            =FALSE
l RefitPoints            =1000
f ExplosionRadius            =0.0
f ExplosionDamage            =0.0
l IconIndex             = 19

Can I steal the l RefitPoints =X code from the truck and add it to the building code? Or is their some other file that is controlling this data that I need to edit?