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Repair Bay and Refit Points
Where is the data stored for the number of Refit points that Repair Bays have? I see them for the trucks, but not the buildings.

Here is the building info:
ul DmgLevel=460
f ExtentRadius=35.000000
f ExplosionRadius=0.000000
f ExplosionDamage=0.000000
l BuildingName=0
l BuildingDescription = 30969
l SetImpassable=1
l XImpasse=0
l YImpasse=0
ul NormalEffectId=0
ul BlownEffectId=0
ul DamageEffectId=0
b CanRefit=t
b MechBay=false
f TimeToBurnDamage=5.000000
f BurnDamagePerTime=1.000000
f DamageLvlForBurn=22.000000
f SensorRange=-1.000000
l TeamID=-1
l Tonnage=20
l BattleRating=20
l NumMarines=0
b blockLineOfFire=FALSE
l LowTemplate=2013790208
l HighTemplate=2127992
l PotentialContact=0
l BasePixelOffsetX=11
l BasePixelOffsetY=65
b Capturable = true
ul ActivityEffectId=80

and here is a truck:
st Name               ="Repair Truck"
st AppearanceName            ="repairtruck"
l ExplosionObject            =700
l DestroyedObject            =0
f ExtentRadius            =20.000000

//Read by Type
uc Chassis               =0
b MineLayer               =FALSE
b MineSweeper            =FALSE
l RefitPoints            =1000
f ExplosionRadius            =0.0
f ExplosionDamage            =0.0
l IconIndex             = 19

Can I steal the l RefitPoints =X code from the truck and add it to the building code? Or is their some other file that is controlling this data that I need to edit?


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Re: Repair Bay and Refit Points
For repair bays its in DmgLevel. It is unusual logic of the original MC2.

In newer MCO release (not released in public) there is the number of RPs for repair bays and a second bar for those points, below the health bar.

And no, you cant use that line from the vehicles.

PS: vehicles have the second bar too.


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Re: Repair Bay and Refit Points
therefore just change this line;

ul DmgLevel=460

put whatever number you like.