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The Final War for the Multiverse
The Final War for the Multiverse (TFWFTM) is going to be an epic-length, epic-scale crossover story based on the Freespace universe and many other space combat simulation settings. It will feature many familiar settings and factions and some that you have never seen before. I will be drawing on sources from games and many other supplementary materials. I will be incorporating things from fan-made missions and campaigns as well.

Part 1 will be titled Report from GTSC Chandrasekhar, Dubhe System, which I am in the process of writing. This takes place in one of the many alternate GTVA universes.

It will be an interactive fiction where readers may participate to suggest storyline development and battle strategies. This story will involve mostly text and possibly images, as much of what is planned cannot be adequately shown in the Freespace Open Engine. Also I am not really good at making mods and missions.

The main enemy will be the Shivans, who will be more powerful and terrifying than ever before.
Shivans view most other species the way we view infectious diseases. They think they are doing good by curing the universe of them. After all, no one mourns the fate of smallpox.

The Final War For The Multiverse