Author Topic: Targeting main bean turrets.  (Read 637 times)

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Targeting main bean turrets.
Hi there! Is there a way to specifically target a cap ships main beam weapons other than cycling through all a ships turrets or centring it in your reticule? It would be very useful for de-beaming missions Is there a hot key for this?

Cheers :-)
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Re: Targeting main bean turrets.
Battuta said they have a script to do exactly that for BP. It hasn't been released yet AFAIK.


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Re: Targeting main bean turrets.
It’s basically gonna be a “subsystem escort list” where you can hit a previously unused key (D or something?) to cycle through a list of vital subsystems. We will hopefully refit it unto past BP missions and the FreeSpace Blue FS2 remaster.


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Re: Targeting main bean turrets.
With a little work you can re-tool the HUD nav point feature to highlight specific turrets...

... not a script and only works on a per mission basis
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