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Help - Resolution issues

It's been a while since I part of the community so I'm a little out of touch so apologies if this is a simple fix/my error. I have looked around the HLP and can't find mention of the issue I'm having.

Whenever I try to launch FSO through Knossos it launches in 16:9 with the SCP 'splash screen' but then as soon as it comes to selecting your pilot it reerts to 4:3 aspect ratio. If I launch with MVPs 3.8.2 the screen is massively zoomed in and the mouse in no longer in sync with the interaction boxes (e.g. to click ok on the helpful hints box that comes up when you enter the mainhall the cursor is near the bottom of the screen), I tried lanuching with 3.7.2 and that at least has the correct zoom but still is in 4:3 ratio and the cursor is in sync with the interaction boxes.

I've attached the two debug reports to try and help.


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Re: Help - Resolution issues
In your logs it appears that you are in 16-bit color mode, please select the 32-bit mode. The original FS2 interface art is only available in 4:3 resolutions so FSO cannot display that in fullscreen in a 16:9 aspect ratio.

There have been some issues with 4K resolutions but you are not using that so I don't know what could be causing your mouse interaction issue. Please try with the 32-bit color mode and if that doesn't work, post another log with that here.


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Re: Help - Resolution issues
Ahh my bad, I changed that just on the off chance it would fix it then forgot to turn it back to 32.

I've run another debug, its just the resolution issue now. I didn't have the display settings of my PC at full HD so I think that's why the mouse wasn't aligning properly.

So when I run FSO it just appears in 4:3 not 16:9 with two black panels either side of the screen, log attached.


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Re: Help - Resolution issues
Just a thought. Have you ensured the 'Stretch interface to fill screen' option has been ticked? As far as I can tell, that is the option that makes option screens, hanger deck splash screens etc display in 16:9.
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Offline Rob FSO

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Re: Help - Resolution issues
:banghead: :nono: sigh. Thanks Iain, I'm a bit annoyed I didn't figure that out myself! Like I say, I've been away a while!  :nervous: