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Issue with live debris and submodels
While testing my new subspace Sathanas I've noticed an issue with the live debris. I used the arms as subsystems, complete with live debris, but ran into several issues.

I used following hierarchy for my the ship and the subsystems

-Main Hull

and noticed these issues:
-Despite being a child of the arm subsystem, both the turret and the engine subsystem were still at 100% after the parent subsystem got destroyed, however both submodels weren't rendered anymore.
-The thruster linked to EnginesUpLeft was still visible (actually the logical consequence of the parent subsystem being intact, son not an issue in itself).
-Damage spew from weapon impacts still showed up where the arm was.
-Live debris of the arm (Debris-Arm01A00) did not show up.
-After the Sathanas was entirely destroyed, all parts of the live debris showed up properly as part of the regular debris layer.

According to the log, the Arm was not recognized as live debris (i.e. there was no entry "X is live debris of subsytem Y).

The issues continued even after I removed the entire animation code from the table as well as the $triggered: entry from the model file, so I'd guess it is unrelated to the animation code.

I can provide the files if necessary.

Re: Issue with live debris and submodels
If there's nobody who wants to fix this anytime soon, could somebody put this at the GitHub list so that it isn't forgotten atleast?

Re: Issue with live debris and submodels
C'mon anybody pls...


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Re: Issue with live debris and submodels
Just post the issue yourself.
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Re: Issue with live debris and submodels
I don't have a GitHub account. Elseway I would do it myself.


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Re: Issue with live debris and submodels
....  Just make one.....

Re: Issue with live debris and submodels
Yeah, probably. Just that I can't access the GitHub site on this PC for some reason. :sigh: