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It`s been a long time since my last post, but I`m been checking up from time to time on the side lines, yes I`m still alive  :nervous:
So, how is the team doing, if you do not mind me asking  :D
Just sitting here sippin on a bird dog blackberry whiskey, and I decided to post, don`t worry I can handle my whiskey.. I only drink at home, no drinking and driving, safer that way.

Well I`m still around and am a follower of this project, see you later.
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There's an ongoing effort to release it for modern versions of FSO.
[6:59 PM] Admiral Nelson: who made the "New Folder" campaign?
[7:00 PM] Cobbles: Never heard of that one
[7:00 PM] PIe: best campaign name ever
[7:00 PM] PIe: I really liked the sequel "Copy of New Folder"
[7:01 PM] Admiral Nelson: no way
[7:01 PM] Admiral Nelson: Copy of New Folder (2) was waayyy better
[7:01 PM] GayShivan: Now now
[7:01 PM] GayShivan: Let's talk about the spinoff, Shortcut of Copy of New Folder (3)

[6:23 PM] PIe: why do I have the feeling that I shouldn't be able to give orders to 22nd armored hq
[6:24 PM] Axem: 22nd armored hq, i order you to get me a cup of coffee
[6:24 PM] PIe: and donuts
[6:25 PM] Axem: :O
[6:25 PM] Axem: am i under arrest
[6:26 PM] [`_`]/: no, just please step out of the myrmidon
[6:26 PM] [`_`]/: you have so much to fred for