Author Topic: Has anyone ever made a campaign like this?  (Read 9129 times)

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Re: Has anyone ever made a campaign like this?
You don't have to meet some face to face to hate him. After 14 years, there are probably a lot of people who lost relatives and friends to the other side. Some of them want to end it, others want to continue. I'd guess that each side committed a fair amount of war crimes that people remember.


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Re: Has anyone ever made a campaign like this?
I definitely harbour some hate to the enemy elements of recent conflict.   

But r prior to that see my hate zod line.   It'll never change ;)

I think a big point in FS1 is the vague time span between certain missions.   Mccarthy trials etc.   That wouldn't be over in a matter of days.

Re: Has anyone ever made a campaign like this?
The CBs have dates, so it's atleast possible to give a rough estimate. Not entirely sure though as according to ( ), Playing Judas would be set on a 31st February. :wtf:


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Re: Has anyone ever made a campaign like this?
on a 31st February. :wtf:

.... September is still the 7th month of the year, right? (or October the 8th, November the 9th, December the 10th...)  :D
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