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The original Redout was a racing game not unlike Wipeout and F-Zero. For this followup they decided to make a space shooter. It is arcade like and emphasizes multiplayer skirmishes.


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Man, I'd buy it in a second if they'd ditch the 'gave up looking for the settings in blender' "art style" with the unsmoothed triangles.

I actually bought and then refunded Redout because i was sick of that ****, and didn't look at the videos close enough to tell.

EDIT: don't let my negativity get you down though, other people seem to be tolerating it.
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I actually really enjoy Redout, partly because I think it does look really good. But the sense of speed is great, and it really felt like F-Zero.
If they can deliver a great-feeling Rogue Squadron-style shooter, I'll be all over it.


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I just... but y tho?

Don't get me wrong it looks like fun, I don't think it's a bad game per se and I'd buy it but... the transition from racing game to space shooter throws me off balance y'know?
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Looks okay to me?
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Not interested in the multiplayer, but it looks like fun.  Added to Steam watch list.
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