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Noted. I might be able to fix that and add sort by date tomorrow. No promises though.
I think I've got the speed issues under control. It should take at most 6 seconds for a non-cached query. Once it's cached (someone ran a search for it), it should drop to ~0.4 seconds.


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Made shortened URL (mind the capitalization):


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Discord has a nice list of options for searching:

from: user
mentions: user
has: link, embed, or file
before: date
during: date
after: date
(replace in: channel with in: thread # or title?)

Not saying I'm requesting all of that, just having a working forum search is great! But if the list inspires you to implement a few of those, even better!  :cool:
I came here to post this and then realized you already had, so seconding.
[9:50 PM] Sottises: wait did you do vassago's verge?
[9:50 PM] Sottises: .. dirge?
[9:50 PM] Axem: yes
[9:50 PM] Sottises: ohh
[9:50 PM] Sottises: well I have that and JAD too
[9:50 PM] Axem: :)
[9:50 PM] Sottises: what a contrast of themes lmao
[9:50 PM] Axem: isnt it
[9:51 PM] Axem: super grimdark thriller about unknowable alien intelligence and over the top colorful action about friendship
[9:51 PM] PIe: jad is grimdark???
[9:51 PM] Axem: :skull:

[6:23 PM] PIe: why do I have the feeling that I shouldn't be able to give orders to 22nd armored hq
[6:24 PM] Axem: 22nd armored hq, i order you to get me a cup of coffee
[6:24 PM] PIe: and donuts
[6:25 PM] Axem: :O
[6:25 PM] Axem: am i under arrest
[6:26 PM] [`_`]/: no, just please step out of the myrmidon
[6:26 PM] [`_`]/: you have so much to fred for


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Quick update:
  • Selecting an autocomplete suggestion automatically triggers the search (you don't have to press enter twice anymore).
  • You can sort posts by date. There's a link in the results to do that now. If you want to inverse the sort direction, replace "sortdir=desc" with "sortdir=asc" in the URL. Still need to add a link for that.
  • If you put "poster:<user>" or "mentions:<user>" in your search query, you'll only get results from those people or where the given user was mentioned. The mention parsing is fairly rudimentary so you might get better results just searching for the name. You can use "mentions:<user>" multiple times.
  • Timestamps are indexed and can (in theory) be used to filter the results. Once I figure out the query syntax for that in ElasticSearch that is...
  • The front page should load faster now since it loads the counters in a separate requests.
  • The search might be a bit faster as well since I've tweaked a few things. We'll see...

EDIT: Forgot to mention: Invalid search queries currently trigger an Internal Server Error. I'll add a proper error message later. However, invalid queries can only happen if your search query contains a colon ( : ).
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Great to see the update!
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Thanks for sorting by date,
but it works only for first page. :(


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Whoops. Should be fixed now.