Author Topic: Unified keybinds for controls across games?  (Read 383 times)

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Unified keybinds for controls across games?
Hi all, quick question.

I have noticed some keybinds appear universal across all campaigns/ builds – I bind it in one and it works for them all 😊

But others do not, meaning I have to go into the controls settings and set them up manually. Grrr.

Is there a way of forcing all keybinds to carry across to all FS builds / FS campaigns? If so, am I doing something wrong?
Cheers 😊
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Re: Unified keybinds for controls across games?
Unfortunately no, not easily. The pilotfiles store control config per campaign.

Having said that, the "hard ways" of achieving your outcome that come to mind are:
1) Edit the pilotfiles & copy the control config from one campaign to another - only really viable when json pilotfiles are fully implemented which is close but not finished (IIRC)
2) MODDING! :)  Setup a custom control config defaults table file and implement a custom setting which has all the binds you want. Then in each campaign you can easily select your custom config. Obviously you'll have issues if certain keys aren't required in a campaign (e.g. shield quad reinforcement in Diaspora for example), AND if a campaign has it's own custom control config defaults file then you're going to have issues with overriding whatever they want to be available). But right now, assuming you're playing only FS2 based campaigns, then it's probably the "easiest" way of getting one config universal across all campaigns.
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