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downloading for another system
I've got a WinXP system I use for old games including Freespace 2 that isn't connected to the web.

Is there an easy way to download all of the updates and campaigns to a flash stick that I can transfer to the other system that has FS2 installed?

When I tried to grab the files it was looking for FS2 which is on this system.

Re: downloading for another system
You mean Knossos, right? If you want to install mods manually you can get the files Knossos uses here:
You would have to know how to write your own mod.ini, though.


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Re: downloading for another system
Why are you trying to play FSO on a Windows XP system? It works quite well on Windows 7 / 10.

Which launcher do you plan on using? I'm not quite sure if Knossos even works on Windows XP...


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Re: downloading for another system
last time I did a download I was able to grab the entire file and transfer it to a different XP system at a later date..... it's been years since I played so it was most definitely an older version.

I've kept my Win7 system clean for the sake of it and used the older XP box for all of my gaming (stopped buying games around 2010 as a matter of principal), at the time their were compatibility issues with certain video cards so I'd use the XP rig and swap cards as needed depending on what I was playing.

Crimson Skies, Mechwarrior 3, Pirates moon, possibly Heavy Gear 2 and BattleZone 2 along with a few others I don't remember.  It's been a while.

anyway with everything hooked to the XP rig I'm looking to keep it all there.