Author Topic: (FS1 port only?) Central HUD components vertically offset  (Read 325 times)

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(FS1 port only?) Central HUD components vertically offset

Hello everyone, it's been at least 4 or 5 years since i posted here!!

Anyway, i was getting back into one of the best games of the past several decades, and was very happy to see there's a new update of it!!! :D

Just wanted to mention a small bug i noticed with the Freespace 1 port, a few central elements of the HUD seem to be a few dozen pixels higher than they should be (or the surrounding ones lower?) at least at 1920x1080. In other res, it seems to follow the same aspect/fraction of the screen, though i didn't test this extensively. If you look at the following screenshots, the aiming reticle (crosshair) is exactly where it should be on both FS2 and the FS1 port, but in FS1 the main circular reticle around the crosshair and the 2 gauges on each side (afterburner and primary guns energy) are at least 80-100 pixels too high, which throws off the whole in-game code calculation of the triangles indicating direction of target / incoming missile, that move around this central part of the screen., i was just wondering, is this fixed in a newer version, and/or has anyone else noticed this?

Using "v3.8.0 OpenGL" (according to the bottom of the screen) on Linux Mint x86_64 19.0, xfce edition.

FS1 screenshots:

In fs2, everything seems perfect (after just taking a quick look at it)

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