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A buddy of mine just purchased FS2 from steam, and we tried playing together. While we did get the multiplayer working, his controls were not working correctly. He was in an uncontrolled spin, and pushing 7 or 9 would just slow the spin or speed it up. He tried to play offline solo, and in the retail version of FS2 (We tried MP in FSO 3.8.2) and he still spun out of control. He was able to do everything else, such as shoot, move the mouse around, target, etc.  He says the only thing he has plugged in is his keyboard, mouse, microphone, headset, and a blue tooth dongle for a Playstation 4 controller, both of which are off, and shouldn't be screwing with anything. Would anyone happen to know what is causing this issue? Is there anything in Knossos, FSO settings, or anywhere else that would cause this? I have all of the same stuff set up, except I use a cabled Xbox controller.


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Plugged in controllers tend to cause this kind of stuff. Try disconnecting everything except mouse and keyboard.
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Simple reconfigure the bank axis in the control settings.

Really, i still do not understand, why so many players start a game without to check and configure its controls for the own likings :confused:.

Seems that i am getting old. Because even on consoles i am doing this.  :blah:
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I kinda understand it when it comes to Freespace. Just look at the keybinds menu and imagine it's your first time playing the game (after you've installed FSO which is also an intellectual operation :P) and you literally don't know what any of these does.
It's much easier to start the game with default controls, learn a bit about how it is played and then, when you know which functions you use most often and which ones are important ect. to remap key bindings in order to create a layout that is optimal for you.
Hell, it's like over a decade now since I played Freespace for the first time and about 6 years now since I've started to regularly play FSO and I still make some changes once in a while.

Maybe we should have a topic/Wiki page with some key bind sets pre-made by users, just like we have (now defunct) lighting presets?
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Some "gaming" keyboards are recognized as controllers and can cause issues.  With my old Saitek keyboard, NFS: Hot Pursuit would not even properly start and let me use a controller unless I unplugged the keyboard before starting the game.  I've not had the problem since switching to a new keyboard though.
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