Author Topic: Happy 18th Birthday, HLP!  (Read 741 times)

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Re: Happy 18th Birthday, HLP!
Happy Birthday, HLP! Now you are allowed to drink alcohol, to drive a car and finally to party even past 12am.
Unfortunately, you have new responsibilities as a full citizen of our community now. I hope, that you are prepared for your tax declaration  :D

And yes, i am still wish you a happy birthday, even i had very hard times in the mid-2000s with you  :blah:.
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Re: Happy 18th Birthday, HLP!
Oh god I got here 18 years ago?

I remember moving here from the VBB to here on Sept 10th, 2001 (really).

It's probably been a decade since I've played FS2 but I remember it all. The big fights on the VBB, them being bought out by THQ and canning the site. The Squad War fights and fights about the fights. The beginnings of the FSO project. Derek Smart coming to see about buying rights. Carl. 3Dap and the rights issues we had. Lots of things happened in 18 years.


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Re: Happy 18th Birthday, HLP!
I actually had mod space back when we at 3dap.  RIP gamespy.
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Re: Happy 18th Birthday, HLP!
Truly spectacular how long this community has kept itself going strong.