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Newbie question on Knossos launcher. settings
Hello to everybody and thanks for keeping this space sim alive
It is fantastic.
I am back toFS world after a few years and I am getting used to the knossos launcher
I understand the current mediavps is downloaded and installed as a mod and used as prerequisite
What I dont understand is :

1: do I have to applY all the FSO setting by command line, in the media VPS or in the current mod, or both?

2: in the media VPS by default I have as full command line: Default and not modficable:
-post process -soft particles -fxaa enable shadows -dualscanlines -target info -rearm_timrer -warp_flash

And thats it.

For example this is my commandline from 'old' wxlauncher . Is it still valid or not applicable for the new media vps?

D:\Freespace 2\fs2_open_3_7_4_RC2_SSE2.exe -mod DoS,mediavps_3612 -missile_lighting -3dshockwave
-post_process -soft_particles -fxaa -cache_bitmaps -dualscanlines -targetinfo -orbradar -rearm_timer -ballistic_gauge
-ship_choice_3d -weapon_choice_3d -3dwarp -warp_flash -stretch_menu -snd_preload -ambient_factor 75 -spec_exp 11
-spec_point 0.6 -spec_static 0.8 -spec_tube 0.4 -ogl_spec 60 -no_fps_capping

How do we control the modification flags as command line in the knossos launcher? Which modification flags are currently available?

Thank you for your effort and your kind response


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Re: Newbie question on Knossos launcher. settings
Welcome back!

1. The FSO settings for the mod you are currently using control. So, for example, if you're playing Blue Planet, the FSO settings on Blue Planet take precedence over the FSO settings for the MediaVPs. There is also an option to set up global settings for all mods in the Knossos settings section, but you don't need to use it.

2. Those flags are all controlled by the FSO settings, so you should be able to turn them off in the check boxes (not that it matters--the mod settings will overwrite them)

That old command line will work if you copy and paste it into the custom flags bar in the FSO settings menu for the mod you want. Just bear in mind that the lighting settings for FSO have changed in recent nightlies. Some flags have been deprecated, and others have been tweaked in how they actually affect the lighting. You may need to adjust them.
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