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New Campaign: Carver V Redux

I made a new campaign that also is a bit of an overhaul to the units and weapons in game.

I made this campaign to give people a different experience in Mechcommander, that of a battalion commander of in Inner Sphere army. As such, you will have 36 mechs and 36 pilots at the beginning of the game (after the first four intro missions).

You play as Gerald Tarrant, CO of 2nd Battalion of the 1st Orloff Grenadiers. The game limits you to dropping only one company at a time (spoils the fun a bit), but I have tried to write these missions in such a way as to make the fact that you are only dropping 1/3 of the battalion make sense. The Grenadiers have been deployed to bring Carver V under Marik control, but not through outright conquest. Active in the Carver system are 2 warring Fedcom militias (Katrina and Victor loyalists), Capellan nationalists, pirates, Comstar, and the Word of Blake. You will face a lot of enemies. Be prepared. Also, levels are wildly different in terms of challenge and style. In some, you will be outnumbered more than 10 to 1, others missions you will have numerical superiority. Some missions are heavily scripted, others very straightforward. Generally speaking, the aim is to not have the loss of a mech cause a cascade failure for the company you deployed.

Many of the in game stats are changed in this mod.

  • Mechs have been re-balanced with close to correct loadouts (no narc, ams, case, etc. so I change somethings and try to keep it pretty accurate)
  • As part of the re-balancing, new mechs have been renamed to better fit with what is in universe (and therefore something with a stock loadout I could copy). (No offence intended in modding the awesome mechs designed by the MCO team)
  • Many new variants added to mechs chassis
  • Max armor levels and internal structure levels are standardized by weight
  • Armor numbers are 2x tt amounts (because, omg 36 mechs shooting kills mechs so fast)
  • Starting armor numbers for mechs are all rounded to the nearest 16, and addition armor goes on in amounts of 32 (std), 48 (FF), and 64 (C FF)
  • Weapon numbers have been overhauled. I tried to keep a semblance of balance between TT and the original MC2 numbers by having the damage over time = tt, but giving different systems very different fire rates
  • The notable exception to this is MGs and flamers. They now do near constant low grade damage that can add up very quickly (especially if the weapons are boated) (don't ignore the Firestarters and Fleas!!!)
  • LBX weapons also do slightly more damage than tt, but this is to represent the ability to always choose the correct ammo to maximize the damage of a given shot.
  • Size of weapons is maintained from normal MCO
  • Clan ballistics and lrms do more damage than tt, but this is to compensate for the standardization in size from the MC series
    • C Gauss fires 1/10th faster (+1.666 d/time)
    • C UACs have faster fire rates (+2.5 d/time)
    • Light  Gauss, in keeping with being a copy of the Clan model keeps the faster fire rate with lower damage (+.8 d/time)
    • C LBX has bonus damage on top of the IS bonus (IS +.5 d/time, Clan +1.35 d/time)
    • C LRMs have double fire rates like in the original MC2 in keeping with the 1/2 weight in TT (x2 d/time)
    • Larger LRM racks have increased damage to compensate for giving a smaller bonus to weapon mastery
  • Tanks have been greatly improved across the board and several new chassis and variants have been added (they share textures/models with other tanks). New tanks include but are not limited to:
    • Brutus (75t)
    • Po (60t) (2 Variants)
    • Patton (65t)
    • 3 new variants of Vedette
    • 3058 variant of the Striker
    • SRM variant of the Drillson
    • Gauss Variant of the Rommel
  • Finally, there is only 1 structure in the head of mechs. This increases the lethality of head shots on poorly armored mechs, while allowing most fully armored mechs to survive 1 direct hit to the head. (Clan Heavy LBX and Heavy Gauss do enough upfront damage to kill any mech with a single headshot)

Generally the scope of warfare is orders of magnitude greater than the original campaign. Don't take the fact that you are given 800 tons of drop weight to think you are going to breeze through a level.
Note: Given the large number of changes to mech, weapon, and armor stats in addition to the re-purposing of several units, this mod will negatively impact other campaigns. Some mech variants no longer exist and will cause errors in those other campaigns. Be warned.
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