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Hey everyone! Loving all your work to keep this beautiful game alive.

I was hoping to get some help regarding FRED2_Open... I can't find it anywhere! I only have the retail FRED2, and wherever I look for a download link or something for FRED2_Open I don't get anywhere. I use the Knossos Launcher and the games themselves work perfectly, attached is the screenshot of my directory, any help would be grand!

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Hmm. Since you have Knossos, check the explore tab and see if you have MediaVP's installed. It has the most up-to-date FRED2 there.


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If you installed FSO through Knossos, the executables are in a separate folder; within Knossos, look at the mod you want (or Retail FS2), click the dropdown arrow at the bottom of the tile (or the "Options" button, if looking at the detail page), and select "Run FRED2".
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Great thanks guys! I found the .exe I needed in the Knossos folder (which I didn't know existed until you mentioned it!)

When I master the engine I'll be sure to post my missions at some point and contribute to this awesome community.