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Hello there !
Despite being a new member, i'm quite a long time fan of what you're doing here, so keep it up :)
I have a problem intalling FS2 on linux Mint. I bought the game on Steam and i had the bad surprise to see that i couldn't install it. It looks like the compatibility issues are not supported by Steam, but on HLP we can clearly see FSO and Knossos Launcher are available for Ubuntu, so by extention for Mint. What's the trick to get it installed ?
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Just a quick note off the top of my head and I'm no expert, beg pardon! As I recall is is NOT usually assumed that you have a Steam installation of Freespace. Typically people are used to using either the original disks or the GOG installation. But this wiki article might have something useful in it:

I know little about day to day Linux use so good luck from here!  :nod:

Thx for the answer ! However this is a guide to install FSO and FS2 from GoG and from a Windows version, which is not my case. Or maybe i could install the game on my win 7 dual boot and copy the datas ? I don't really know if it can work.


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You should be able to enable steam proton for all games (it's under steam play in steam settings), which will allow you to download the game from steam on linux, then you can point Knossos at the game directory once it finishes downloading and follow that guide from there.

Thank you, that was the answer i was looking for. Have a nice day !