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Release: Battlecruiser Zephyros
I made the ship for my BTRL-"Battlestar Perseus"-Stuff. (Thats why I can't deliver a Freespace2-Table with it)

It is pretty basic, just a mediumsize carrier with 4 Bays and 22 gunturrets.

In my BTRL-"Battlestar Perseus"-Story, the Zephyros is an outdated carrier from before the "Cylon War" pushed back into service.

But I think as ugly as I made the model, it will also fit into any Freespace-Game, so feel free to use it as you like. Retexture it, edit the model as you like.

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Re: Release: Battlecruiser Zephyros
It's a fantastic (first?) release.  Consider yourself proud and the community thanks you kindly!

Not sure what's up with the forum code bud. 
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Re: Release: Battlecruiser Zephyros
For some reason it the website wants me to DL an EXE. :confused: Mind attaching the file here?

Re: Release: Battlecruiser Zephyros
Sure.  I  hope this will work?

[attachment eaten by a Shivan]

Re: Release: Battlecruiser Zephyros
Yep, works for me. :nod: Nice ship you made there. :)