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Avenging the Psamtik (FS-Blue)
Some of you may remember that more than 15 years ago, I posted a thread outlining a method of killing the Sathanas that destroyed the Colossus.

Have You Ever Managed to Avenge the Colossus?

Today I bring you word that now the Psamtik has been avenged... in FS Blue.  I was replaying this campaign recently and found that in FS Blue you can fly the Bakha bomber in "Straignt, No Chaser", and arm it with Cyclops torpedoes and Trebuchets.  Now, it's been a while since I played FS2 main campaign, and I don't recall this combination being available in the original campaign.  Today, (well, starting last night actually), using this combination, I managed to kill the Sathanas in that mission.  It took just under 200 minutes mission time to complete the mission, but I succeeded... and I have attached the proof.

You may notice that despite the nebular environment, I can still see the Sathanas regardless of distance.  For me this occurs with all craft and all distances, though its still just a dark shape (no color or glowmaps) and radar detection works as it always has in nebulae.  I'm guessing that it has something to do with my ATI video card, but I haven't tried with older builds to see if this is still present.  Currently using the May 14th 64-bit build.

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Re: Avenging the Psamtik (FS-Blue)
That sounds more like a bug than a feature though.


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Re: Avenging the Psamtik (FS-Blue)
Well, i would prevent to bring the Psamtik in this situation at all... disable it right away in "Surrender Belisarius".

And if they have not died, they are still disabled today
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