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Maximum number of live debris?

for a Knossos model I wanted to have a decent amount of live debris (13 pieces live debris, 9 regular; 22 in total) but although I remained well under the limit of 32 pieces ( ) I received following:

Assert: "pm->submodel.num_live_debris < MAX_LIVE_DEBRIS"
File: modelread.cpp
Line: 2747

Is there a seperate limit for live debris (what I assume), and if yes, how high is it and could it be set equal to the 32 limit?

Re: Maximum number of live debris?
I tried to help myself a bit and found this in model.h:

Code: [Select]
However, this seems to limit the number of live debris per subsystem (as the Knossos has 8 pieces of live debris in total), and my Knossos doesn't throw out a debug warning with 11 pieces (7 + 4 per ring).

Still it would be nice if a coder could bump the limit (if it's just altering this number), or atleast put a warning on the wiki. :)