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"Homeless" begs for HLP hospitality - Freelancer!
Hello dear HLP community,

my name is RizZen, i'm a hobbie-game-modder from good old Germany. I'm 30+ years old and do game modding projects from my early youth on.

The list of games i took modwork in is endless. My last fun project was MechCommander 1! - some may already know me. If not - i published my MC-work here:

The MechCommander project was one of the biggest game modifications i have ever done. I would like to say that i reinvented it from scratch - just in order to make the game more enjoyable - a better experience - just to enrich people's lifes. NOT - to please my wallet. When you would like to know more about my modding-intentions or MechCommander work you may have interest in that:

Well that's past. Somehow i lost fun in this project and stopped it. Due to the fact, that NoGuts-NoGalaxy is a pure BattleTech site i see no future there for my next project.

The next project will be "Freelancer"!

So what is Freelancer?

Freelancer was released by Microsoft in the early 21st century. In spite of it's age - it's well aged to me. What i really like is that this game STILL has an active player community... - and some active multiplayer game servers are left, too. My "project" will be to establish a new 24/7 gameserver with "vanilla" oriented content IN the game. Reason is: I have fun doing so.

That finally let me come to my desire. I would like to have a seperated forum section for Freelancer - related content. I like to bring order into chaos - working on big projects - and then enjoying them myself or with others.

RizZen, over and out!
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Re: "Homeless" begs for HLP hospitality - Freelancer!
Have you tried ModDB?  Pretty sure there's a huge freelancer section rather than trying to establish one here?
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Re: "Homeless" begs for HLP hospitality - Freelancer!
AFAIK HLP had a FL section way in the past.