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Hey there everyone!  I guess introductions are in order.  I'm Darkdaej and I've been a FreeSpace fan since 2000 and a member on this forum for over 10 years now.  :cool:

Thing is, I haven't been here since 2010! :shaking:

I used to be pretty active on here back then, but I doubt anyone remembers me.  It's not like I actually contributed to the work being done here other than commenting on what others did or just talk about lore.

However I do believe my skills at writing may be needed.  The Wiki seems to be in dire need of an overhaul given that it refers to a version of FSO that I was using the last time I was active in this forum (3.6.9!!)  It also seems to be lacking in lore-related information. 

On another note, I'd like to say I'm really glad this community is still so active.  When I got the urge to get FSO installed again I was afraid the project would have died out or stagnated.  However I see the project has moved forwards on a lot of fronts.

I intend to resume my activity in this community and yeah, if you guys need help with the wiki, I'm more than willing to help out.


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Welcome back!  Hope life's treating you well and looking forward to seeing you on the boards.

I think I'll use the gold beam today..