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Successfully downloaded KNOSSOS 0.13.3 (ie attained Nirvana) however I immediately get:

"I couldn't find an executable. Aborted"

when I attempt to play. I have a retail copy (original, with all updates) but haven't tried playing in years, although I have kept FS2 on my hard drive all this time.  Just (re)discovered this site

and thought I'd give it a try. I don't know what is wrong, but, perhaps someone can help me out a little...




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I recall having had this before. I think you need to select an FSO version of whatever the mod is that you're playing.

Ex: Select MediaVPs>Details>Options>FSO Settings and choose a recent version (or any I suppose) from the FSO build tab.

EDIT: Actually, check the FSO mod and see if it has a version selected. Also make sure Knossos has a preferred engine stability (gear icon on the top right of your Knossos screen).
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Offline pyker

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Thanks, but I don't quite understand your post.

I do have a "gear" in upper right, but everything seems to check out except for audio - no audio.


Gear icon on the topright opens up a settings page, and to find preferred engine stability you need to open the "Knossos" list.
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