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Support ship docking time
The support ship is taking very long to dock with a Kentauroi for some reason... Am I the only one with this problem? I didn't test with other ships.

Re: Support ship docking time
There’s a bug with some of the models’ dock point, iirc that causes this. Usually it just sits still and doesn’t dock with you. I’ve found that flying just past it will cause it to try again, and often that works.

Re: Support ship docking time
Thanks for the reply! May I ask you (or anyone who is reading this) to beta test this modified Kent model?
I think I was able to improve the docking delay, but I'd like another opinion.

To your knowledge, there are other ships that suffers from the same problem?

(that model also has a modified point of view, I'm using the same model for a cockpit mod) Not anymore, it's the stock model with just the dockpoint tweak.
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