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OK, I know there is a rather older "controler" thread. Nothing new since 2014...

Does anyone have a working lay-out for the  buttons and keys for the T.Flight Hotas X controler for FS2?

I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer and there are just too many choices.




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Here is a consolidated joystick thread that I probably need to update:

This thread has some configuration suggestions.  I did not see your stick specifically, but you still can get some general ideas.

And here is a thread specific to your stick and a deadzone issue:

Good luck!
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I posted this in a thread several months ago. Give it a try - it's worked for me for years.

Here's the settings I use, keeping in mind that I switched a couple of buttons around: the SE and ST buttons on the base of the throttle were switched with the left and right positions of the rocker/slider switch on the back of the throttle so the rocker could be used as 2 extra buttons and NOT an axis (I believe FS only supports 3 axis):

On the Joystick (Axis 1):
1 - Fire Primary
2 - Fire Secondary
3 - Cycle Primary Weapon
4 - Cycle Secondary Weapon
Hat Right - Transfer Energy Laser to Shield
Hat Left - Equalize Shield
Hat Up - Augment Forward Shield
Hat Down - Augment Rear Shield
Joystick Twist - Roll Ship (Axis 3)

On the Throttle (Axis 2):
5 - Target Next Hostile Ship
6 - Target Ship in Reticle
7 - Target Next Bomb/Bomber
8 - Target Subsystem in Reticle
9 - Launch Countermeasure
10 - Cycle Secondary Weapon Firing Rate
Throttle Rocker Right - Afterburner
Throttle Rocker Left - Equalize Energy Settings

Unless you trade the rocker/slider switch left and right positions with the SE and ST buttons (which are useless in game due to their remote location on the throttle anyway) you will not be able to use the rocker switch at all (again, the 3 axis limitation). Instructions on how to swap the buttons is in the manual included with the joystick. Also, remember to put the joystick in PC Mode (Home button above SE/ST buttons on throttle must be GREEN). This way your PC (and thus the game) will see all of the axis and buttons. If the Home button is red you're in console mode and you'll have to uninstall the device from device manager, switch the Home button to green and reboot your PC to get Windows to recognize the joystick in PC Mode.
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