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Knossos mods: Missing text and ship models
Hi all

Trying to use Knossos to install mods. I have the retail version of FS2 installed, runs fine. From Knossos I've installed FSO/SCP, but numerous mods (Blue Planet, Solaris, ect) Have either missing ship models, missing menu text, or both. Imagine going to the options menu and only seeing sliders and settings. No text describing them, or going into the ship database and only seeing the tail lights on ships and nothing else.

Is this a common problem? I've successfully installed BP and other mods before, so I assume I've missed something related to Knossos and how it installs FSO. But then again, I'm no mod dev, so what do I know. Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: Knossos mods: Missing text and ship models
Two things you do to help us help you:

In knossos go for "details" on a given mod. Then there should be an options button. Clicking on that should give you a menu, there you can do the following...

1 "verify file integrety"

2 "run fast debug". And once you once loaded a mission with the debug build, you will get the option to "upload debug log" - it will give you an url to post here.
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Re: Knossos mods: Missing text and ship models
Alright, here's the debug URL, the integrity was also verified.

thanks again


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Re: Knossos mods: Missing text and ship models
Well.. afaik this is a problem that occurs with AMD graphic cards with bad drivers.

Maybe a driver update can fix this... or you have to buy a proper video card  :D
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Re: Knossos mods: Missing text and ship models
Pics are probably better to describe graphic errors.

Re: Knossos mods: Missing text and ship models
Hi all, I got it to work.  I went to Knossos settings => global flags => and selected an FSO build...

I feel stupid...

But now I can play muh mods so I don't really care. Thanks for taking the time to help me, it's guys & girls like you that keep this game alive after 20 years.