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Which to use: FreeSpaceOpenInstaller.exe or
Hopefully this question isn't too pandentic, but I'm confused about what the difference is between the FreeSpaceOpenInstaller.jar/.exe that you download directly from or the latest version you get from The single installer file is 6.5MB in size and the .zip for the other is over 22.5MB, so I'm a wee bit confused. I've desperately tried searching for an answer and haven't had any luck whatsoever in finding it. So, I hope that this isn't yet another annoying newbie question that others have already answered ad nauseum elsewhere. Maybe I'm just tired and simply too excited to "play the damn game already", but whatever the reason, I need some help. So, with that in mind...HELP! (Apologies in advance! ;))


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Re: Which to use: FreeSpaceOpenInstaller.exe or

The version at is the updated game engine, i.e. no updated assets like models, skyboxes, etc.

The is an installer that should get everything for you, like new mods, updated assets, and the latest game engine.

Finally, there's also Knossos, which is a newer complete FreespaceOpen Content Manager. It'll download and let you run everything, and is the easiest and recommended way to getting started.

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Re: Which to use: FreeSpaceOpenInstaller.exe or
Thanks, buddy! :)