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Mysterious Flak problem
In my mod I have a new type of flak gun, called the medium flak. The .tbm entry looks as follows:

Code: [Select]
#Primary Weapons

$Name: Medium Flak
$Model File: Blip.pof
$Mass: 0.2
$Velocity: 1400
$Fire Wait: 0.15
$Damage: 30
$Blast Force: 45.0
$Inner Radius: 20.0
$Outer Radius: 30.0
$Shockwave Speed: 0.0
$Armor Factor: 1.0
$Shield Factor: 1.0
$Subsystem Factor: 0.2
$Lifetime: 2
$Energy Consumed: 0.0
$Cargo Size: 1.0
$Homing: NO
$LaunchSnd: 116
$ImpactSnd: 117
+Weapon Range: 2800
$Flags: ( "Big Ship" "Flak" "particle spew" )
+Start Width: 3.5
+End Width: 0.0
+Start Alpha: 1.0
+End Alpha: 0.0
+Max Life: 0.10
+Bitmap: Flak_trail
$Icon: iconmissile06
$Anim: LoadMissile04
$Impact Explosion: Exp20
$Impact Explosion Radius: 25
$Piercing Impact Explosion: exp06
$Piercing Impact Radius: 7.5
$Piercing Impact Velocity: 10
$Piercing Impact Splash Velocity: -10
$Piercing Impact Variance: 20000
$Piercing Impact Particles: 5
$Muzzleflash: standardflak
+Count: 2
+Time: 1
+Vel: 0
+Radius: 2.50
+Life: 0.0125
+Scale: 0.025
+Bitmap: Cmuzzle_0001

$Name: Standard Flak
+Tech Title: XSTR( "Flak Cannons", -1)
+Tech Anim: cb_default
$Velocity: 1400
$Fire Wait: 0.15
$Damage: 30
$Blast Force: 45.0
$Inner Radius: 20.0
$Outer Radius: 30.0
$Lifetime: 2
+Weapon Range: 2800


Usually it has somewhat weaker stats than the standard flak. Now I recently discovered that it almost has zero effect, so I played around with the stats finding out that even if I give the Medium Flak the exact same values for fire wait, damage, armor factor, subsytem factor, shield factor, blast, inner and outer radius (most of them are identical anyways), it is significantly weaker. So I once gave it extrem values for damage (300) which resulted in it occasionally killing fighters with one hit. So I assume there is something wrong with the splash damage and not with the values from the .tbm not having an effect.

Is there anything hard-coded about it? Because if I run the test mission just under the MVPS_3.8.2, with no other mods active, it behaves just as it should. And yes, I made sure there are no other .tbms intervening, because once I changed the name to something different without any effect.

Also the weapon effect is never the same than with the standard flak, although I checked numerous times whether I took all the effects table entries.

This is a real pain in the Gluteus Maximus as it affects virtually every mission in the What If mod.