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Winter 2020 newsletter, "We're REALLY not dead" edition
I hope you know by now that most of our activity has moved to Discord in the last few years.  But for you loyal forum readers, it looks like we're overdue for an update, to show that we're still still alive, and have made some great progress since the last newsletter!
  • Since the last update, all custom code used by Fate of the Galaxy has been merged upstream to the SCP.  That means that we're using vanilla FreeSpace Open builds, and all custom modifications we've added are available for use by modders for other projects.  Also, we've completely switched over to Knossos as a distribution system, which has made our beta testers able to easily and quickly update and test new features or fixes.
  • Speaking of beta, our private testers have done a fantastic job with giving us feedback and we've done an immense amount of polishing and bug fixing from their feedback.  A huge thank you for our beta testers and all the hard work they've done for us!
  • Cockpits!  We've been wanting in-game cockpits for years, and thanks to newcomer Limbert, that's now a reality!  We have fully instrumented, working cockpits now in-game for the TIEs, A-Wing, X-Wing, Y-Wing, and Z-95.  We also have a WIP B-Wing, and look forward to showing that off too!

  • Another great contribution from Limbert is the new BFF Bulk Freighter!  This has long needed an update and the new model is fantastic.
  • There have been a ton of smaller changes and improvements, such as new B-Wing weapon loadout, custom script movements for capital ships, custom controls, improved hyperspace effect, updated and proper weapon icons, AI improvements, and new voice acting for commanders.
  • A few new additions from Rogue One for the Y-Wing including Ion Torpedoes and Proton Bombs
  • TONS of work on our super secret Project Alderaan  ;7
  • A new offical trailer!

There are still ways that you can contribute - please take a look at our needed ships and positions open threads for more info.

Also, I'd like to give a shout-out to the XWVM team.  They're a great group of talented and dedicated fans working on a recreation of the old LucasArts X-Wing games in Unity.  They've been extremely supportive of Fate of the Galaxy and I offer a genuine thank you for putting up with me and my constant "over at FotG we do it like this..." comments.

This is really getting close, folks.  There's a handful of things that still need to be done, but progress is going well on them.  I can't promise anything but it's entirely possible that 2020 could see a public release of Fate of the Galaxy.  Thanks for all the support and interest you've all shown throughout the years, and May the Force be With You.