Author Topic: Knossos.exe infected by trojan?  (Read 989 times)

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Knossos.exe infected by trojan?

I saw an article online about Freespace 2 and the Hard Light community and it sounded like something I'd very much like to join. I bought Freespace 2 from Steam, then came here to get knossos. I followed the link to and downloaded knossos. However, when I started to install it, BitDefender quarantined the executable as it claims it has a ransomware trojan.

I'm uninstalling for now, any chance somebody could check the source and build? I've read recently about chrome extensions that can add malicious code during development.



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Re: Knossos.exe infected by trojan?
Knossos is not infected. Your AV is just overambitious and wants you to know how good it is that you use their software instead of someone else's.
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Re: Knossos.exe infected by trojan?
Aye. I'm using Eset which has one of the best detection abilities around and it has got no issues. BitDefender must be reporting a false positive. It isn't the first time that happens, some antivirus software tends to quarantine FSO builds just because they are a very rarely used (and reported as safe) .exe files, and there are new builds every couple days.

Also, where was the article that directed you here? Just asking to give a thumbs up somewhere :P
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Re: Knossos.exe infected by trojan?

I stopped using BitDefender specifically because it flagged a false positive every time I updated anything with FSO.

Was it this article on Engadget?
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Re: Knossos.exe infected by trojan?
Thanks, I've been thinking of moving to MalwareBytes anyway. I just need to be very careful, have too much stuff I can't afford to lose (yes, I back up).

The article was on engadget:

Thanks again!