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Simply out of curiosity: Would it be possible to increase the wave threshold from current limitations? A wing of four fighters cannot have a threshold higher than 2, a wing of five not higher than 1 and a wing of six not higher than zero. In other words: No more than six ships of any wing can be present at the same time.

This is not really a pressing issue for me, but since we've kinda gotten ussed to getting rid of all those limitations vanilla posed on us... :)


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There is a way - ditch waves, make more wings and use percent-ships-destroyed on the previous wing for the arrival cue of the next one.

Plus, its good for giving players a sense of accomplishment when combined with directives :D
EDIT: and if you don't want to loose the swarm/horde feeling, you can repeat wingnames using "wingname#1", "wingname#2", "wingname#3" etc
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