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(FYI:  I got permission from Herkie to post this)

Herkie for some reason can't log into this site much.  He contacts me on Facebook from time to time though and that's how I primarily keep in touch with him about "The Aftermath" stuff these days.

Right now he's feeling pretty stressed out it seems.  Over there in the Philippines where he's at the police are enforcing the 'stay at home' order other parts of the world have so it's even more serious over there it sounds like.  He also said he's getting older and feels like FSO is passing him by and he's really bummed out he can't get the campaigns to work fully with the current FSO (19) and he's sorry things weren't better with TBG.  He's not mad at any of you for your constructive criticism, he's more upset with himself.
Basically he also said he might take into account what I say when I get done with my testing of TBG and make one more update (which he would send to me on FB and I'd link to here since he doesn't log on here much anymore).  It's possible that we may have seen the last post from Herkie here on the HLP forum.

He then said I'd basically be in charge of things once he leaves.  I was just the writer for plot so I couldn't be much help there unfortunately as far as technical stuff go.

Maybe he might change his mind eventually though.  I told him to consider taking a month or so break from stuff and maybe when this virus situation lessens and the world is a little less serious to take a try at it again.  It's better to take a month for testing than to rush a campaign out.  There may also be some hope because I just got another message from him earlier today saying he might try again to get things working with FSO 19 again (at least the message I got today had a slightly more hopeful tone than the message I got earlier this week).   

In any case, I hope Herkie feels better.  I'll take some of your suggestions into account (regarding TBG) when I send him my report on it.


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Here's hoping Herkie gets better soon. I have no problem with him taking time off to test the campaign if that's what he needs to prevent burnout. And whatever he needs to prevent stress from Real Life (TM), he's entitled to it. Hell, we could all use a break from these stressful times.

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Seconded. I don't know herkie from adam, but I'd rather have him fine and a broken TBG than the other way around.

Even though his campaigns might not be everyones taste it's obvious that Herkie put an incredible amount of work and love into it. I hope he feels better soon so that he's got energy and time for things he can enjoy :nod:


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Still here. I fixed TBG and almost done testing-bug hunt the AF campaign. Update will available soon.

If it still has issues then I will tweak some more.