Author Topic: Feature idea/request: Ship class icons on hotkey screen  (Read 448 times)

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Feature idea/request: Ship class icons on hotkey screen
I was just thinking that it might help with situational awareness if the hotkey menu had icons that showed the classes of every ship. Fighter and bomber wings have the three triangles next to them, but that doesn't tell you if, for example, Leo wing is four Dragons or four Seraphims. It wouldn't need to be that specific, just one icon for fighter wings and another for bomber wings. Likewise, there would be icons for destroyers, cruisers, etc. They'd work just like briefing icons. You could know what everything is at a glace. This would be very helpful for crowded missions, especially ones that also have lots of ships jumping in at once. Is it something that could be done?


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Re: Feature idea/request: Ship class icons on hotkey screen
Seconded. Anything that aids situational awareness gets my vote.

An icon on the HUD and radar showing opening jumpoints would also be handy. In some particularly hectic furballs you can have cap ships appear and not realise it  :lol:
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