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Re: Adjusting/rebalancing TBG difficulty
There have been slight differences in how the game does stuff. Herkies build is really old... but while balancing might be difficult sometimes, it shouldn't be that something that's "easily playable" on one build suddenly changes everything, elseway there'd be many reports of such things going on where stuff has become too hard as there are many campaigns that haven't been altered much (leave alone rebalenced) over the past years (from even before the version Herkie used).

So basically when playing the same campaign on an older build and then on a newer one, one might notice some small differences but it shouldn't transform the campaign from easy (Herkie says his 12 year old tester finds "Hard" easy) to very difficult like a lot here have said?

Re: Adjusting/rebalancing TBG difficulty
I'd take BP as example, while I think that there were some missions that were effected by changes in the engine IIRC, there was never a point where the entire campaign suddenly became unpleasant difficult.