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Computer Randomly Won't Turn on Anymore
I got up in the morning yesterday and checked my computer to see that is was still on. I tried to shut it down and hibernate but it didn't turn off. I had to go to work though, so I left and came back in the afternoon. When I went to my computer, it was off, so I pressed the power button. When I pressed the button, my mouse, keyboard and power button LEDs turned on for a second, but then turned off and nothing was coming up on the screen. I flipped the PSU switch on and off and now nothing will turn on at all, not the LEDs, not the PC.

Thing I've tried so far:

Unplugging Power Supply

Turning on Through Motherboard Pins

Unplugging and replugging 24 pin and CPU connectors

Is my PSU or motherboard fried? Is there some other issue? What should I do?

Thanks for support.

Re: Computer Randomly Won't Turn on Anymore
Unfortunately, this is not a PC support forum, so all you're likely to get is best guesses by amateurs.

That said, as an amateur, I'd guess that your motherboard is more likely the issue than the PSU, considering that it wouldn't turn off previously.

Re: Computer Randomly Won't Turn on Anymore
While it isn't a tech support forum, there's still a bunch of experienced enthusiasts here, I think. And asking for help will get you more info than just trying to do it yourself :P

Generally this doesn't immediately look to me like a PSU failure, but I have a feeling that a poorly functioning PSU might be causing the motherboard to misbehave anyway.
Your best bet would be to firstly try disconnecting everything that isn't necessary for the computer to work, including peripherals, internal drives, maybe even your GPU if your motherboard has some integrated graphics. Just leave it with a monitor, keyboard and the bare minimum inside required to work, and try launching it again.

If this doesn't work, it would be a good moment to try and boot the computer with a different, verified power supply.
If the system won't boot with a properly working power supply, and the original power supply works with a different PC, it's possible that your motherboard died, and it might have taken out most of components connected to it, and this opens up a whole new proccess of checking if parts work properly.

Oh, also maybe check if there's power in the outlet you're plugging your PC into. A damaged PSU might have tripped a breaker.

Also, it would be very useful if you posted your system specifications. Most important would be the manufacturers and model numbers of your PSU, motherboard, CPU and GPU. If you connected any atypical devices to your computer, it would be useful to know too.
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