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Models Not Showing Up
I'm new to FSO. I downloaded Knossos and installed MediaVPs, but when I play the game, the ship models don't show up. I see the lights on the ships but no actual ships (or weapons) themselves. I did download MV_Advanced but even when I turned it off, I still have the same problem. "Verify file integrity" doesn't find any problems. What am I missing?


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Re: Models Not Showing Up
Can you provide a debug log, please?

In Knossos, click on the "Details"-button on the mod you are currently using. On the detailed page, press the "Options"-button and select "Run Fast Debug". Using the Debug build please run any mission or until it you get an Error message, then quit. Under Options you should now find "upload debug log", use that and post the link provided.

It should have everything we need to check for the usual suspects.
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Re: Models Not Showing Up
And of course now it seems to be working. Thanks for the help anyway!


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Re: Models Not Showing Up
Sorry for the late reply, but this happens to me on occasion too. My solution was just to go to Knossos and click on (or off as the case may be) "FSO Settings" > "Graphics" > "Enable Shadows". That always did the trick for me. If this happens again, just try that.
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