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Audio Issues with Latest Nightly
There are a few audio issues with the latest nightly (8/1) that maybe others could also confirm:

1) The missile lock sound that denotes full lock and ready to fire is no longer heard (normally it's a kind of a scratchy triple-beep).
2) If firing primaries and you change missile banks, you can't hear primaries firing anymore (or inversely, while firing primaries you switch missile banks and never hear the mechanical bank switchover).
3) When you fire your last set of missiles in a bank and the ship automatically switches to the other bank, you hear the mechanical switchover sound, but the missile launch sound never occurs (even though you see the missile(s) launch).
4) Afterburner sound frequently drops out in the middle of its burn cycle and will sometimes return just before the afterburner reserve runs out (but other times, you hear no burn sound at all after the initial explosive sound).

Can anyone else duplicate these sound anomalies?

EDIT: 2,3 and 4 have been going on for quite a while since v19, but #1 just started occurring (it does not happen with any previous FSO version). And while 2,3 and 4 are not deal-breakers since they don't always happen (more of an annoyance), #1 is truly broken since the sound effect is never heard in game anymore.
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Re: Audio Issues with Latest Nightly
The aspect lock issues were noted in this GitHub issue, which has apparently been fixed:

I would recommend posting a new GitHub issue for the afterburner problem.