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A request regarding version numbering
With the release of the new MVPs version, I assume a new version of BPC is coming sooner or later. For the sake of mods that derive from Blue Planet it would be helpful if instead of 1.0.11, instead the next version involved in an increase in the second part of the version.

The reason is that when Knossos is checking version numbers it typically matches the first two parts of the version and then uses the highest available match for the last. Thus, a mod targeting BPC 1.0.1 would load 1.0.1024 were it available. While a shift in MVP targeting may seem safe, it's broken dependent mods before.

Along similar lines, but a much bigger ask, quick-fixing those mods that might still be broken from the 1.0.10 update or have problems from others would be much simpler if the old versions of BPC were re-uploaded with the version numbering adjusted to account for that. At least, the ones that involved a change in MVP targeting. I don't really expect this to be done, but it seemed worth putting out there anyway.
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