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I just finished WiH3 for the first time
Mental stability: HELLO

Holy God, that was a trip and a half.  THANK YOU to the devs.  Bugs in the latest nightlies aside, the whole thing is brilliantly executed, both mechanically and in storytelling.  And I love seeing my handle in the credits.   :D  The last mission was legit screwing with me, which it was obviously supposed to. 

I know I say this every time, but if you ever decide to voice it, sign me up.  Hell, I'd be willing to coordinate the voice acting; putting work in is the least I can do for all the enjoyment you've given me for free, and it's something I can handle doing.   :)
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Re: I just finished WiH3 for the first time
Laporte, RUN.

Re: I just finished WiH3 for the first time
Yeah, that last mission was a ****ing trip that had me seriously scared and freaked out at numerous times. Being chased by enemies who are not going to shoot you down, but turn you violently insane in a process as alien and frightening as it gets, which you can't really evade or outrun, nor protect yourself from with shields or countermeasures...all with that creepy as hell sound design/music. The Great Darkness is like nothing else I've ever experienced in a story or game--when Ken just says "RUN."...and then, "DO NOT LOOK BEHIND YOU" and actually getting to see the stuff creeping around the edges of your vision. The whole "if you ever want to think about anything else ever again"...yikes.

Seeing what's become of Capella makes me nostalgic as hell, not to mention just how epic a sight it is.

The only thing I disliked about it was how Ken didn't actually explain the key question of WHAT the Shivans need humanity to do (let alone why), or why Laporte needed an armada "You will know when you'll need it"---really? Laporte needs an armada NOW, given what the UEF is up against. That kind of statement doesn't really make sense.

And, of course, how could I forget? That the Vishnans are right there and Bei can't see them, which is creepy as hell, but raises all sorts of questions, like why the Vishnans have seemingly abandoned the Elders and the Beis despite UT2 showing that they are definitely still there and watching...but keeping themselves from being seen. It's also weird that the Vishnans put all this time, effort, and sacrifice into the UEF and Ubuntu, only to just not follow through in preserving either of them from a threat of their own making (not communicating with the GTVA about what Ubuntu is for and what end it's trying to influence humanity towards caused the people traumatized by the atrocities and overwhelming might of the Shivans into thinking that Vishnan influence must be bad).

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Re: I just finished WiH3 for the first time
But did anyone else get the Ricardo monologue? It's fantastic.  :wakka:

I really wish Ricardo could be a thing in other mods as well, like as a site-wide meme. That would be great.  :p
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