Author Topic: campaigns have dissappeared.  (Read 3806 times)

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campaigns have dissappeared.
So i have to installed the latest updates via knossos today, and noticed something, when i went to continue the main great war campaign, it launches the reborn campaign instead, yet last week i had started playing the Great war campaign on the Reborn mod and now in my campaign menu there is now only reborn. Can you no longer play the great war and operation Templar in the FSP STR mod?

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Re: campaigns have dissappeared.
I disallowed the other FSPort campaigns if you have the ST:R mod active.  You can get them back easily enough; just launch FSPort or FSPort-MediaVPs.

The campaigns are compatible with each other, but we made ST:R a separate mod because we overwrote the FS1 persona voices.  If you were to play through the FS1 campaign with ST:R active, you would have in-game messages with FS1 voices but persona messages with ST:R voices.

(That being said, it might be possible to re-engineer the voice package so that the new voices would add to, rather than replace, the FS1 voices.  This would require a bit of investigation.)