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 Need for new computer intensifies...


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Re: RELEASE: The Battle of Neptune
So speaking of Fox codes, would a Trebuchet launched at a fighter be Fox-1 if guided at a fighter by AFADwhatever (the advantage of which is apparently acquisition range though fighters not being able to do this for themselves seems arbitrary), Fox-3 if launched at a fighter on its own homing, and Bruiser if launched at a warship?   :p  I'm pretty sure modern weapons platforms don't have use cases that broad.   :lol:
The enhanced targeting range thingy would make more sense if the targeting fighter was an Aurora due to its advanced sensors. :-)
So I see AFATADS used for calling Trebuchet fire much the same way as I think most people see TAG missiles and capship beam cannons. Warships are clearly capable of self-targeting fairly effectively, but in the heat of the melee, having the ability to fairly specifically direct the most powerful weapons on the battlefield is a huge advantage. Does that mean still mean Auroras would probably be able to eek every last ounce of capability out of a networked targeting system that allowed Trebuchets to be lobbed at max effective range? Absolutely they would! But the key advantage is in giving front-line pilots direct control over where key weapons are going in order to best control the fight - in a way that the existing wing communications interface doesn't allow for.

As for Fox codes, my response is well, yes! But even if it's the same kind of missile, knowing the context and the target (which these calls give you) is helpful for everyone listening in and trying to work out what's going on. Whether it's in a hectic furball or coming through the helmet of someone about to launch out of a fighterbay directly into the fight, knowing that Trebuchets are being fired for someone else calling them in while potentially another wing is in Rockeye range of another is useful information.


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Re: RELEASE: The Battle of Neptune
Air combat equivalent of frag out/fire in the hole 👍
Any warning is better than none.  I've seen someone yelling fire in the hole before firing off a main charge  before to blow up something nastier. I raised an eyebrow as we say "firing, firing now" but it got their point across.