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Who can design MC2 inventory for me
In the past magic did a lot of inventory design for me. I told him what I needed and he created it and we both use it in our mods. For example the vehicle repair bay or the big spheroid dropship that can move over the map are two great results of such requests. We cooperated on multiple layers for over a decade still following our own mod concepts. Magic took a break from MC2 modding now almost a year ago and it is unclear when or if at all he will come back to it. His interest to support me on MC2 has stopped as well but we are in good contact.

I am looking for two vehicle models without turrets that can be integrated into MC2X. There are a handful of MCO fans out there that are capable to provide such things. If you are interested in willing and capable to work on it; let me know. Magic recommended to ask here for support.

I am looking for a landing hover and infantry transport vehicle.

The attachments are solely to further explain what I mean. The models could look different and need to be simple like existing vehicle models. Thank you.

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Re: Who can design MC2 inventory for me
Thx everybody for reading. Decades old connections based on trust and respect carry a long way. Magic followed my request for help after no support here. This topic is closed herewith. Just for fun I include screenshot of the Lander in game.  Thank you Magic.

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Re: Who can design MC2 inventory for me
Here is the Infantry Carrier Vehicle. exactly what I was looking for. THx :nod:

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Re: Who can design MC2 inventory for me
So no one from the MCO team or community wanted to help work on adding content to the original MC2?


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Re: Who can design MC2 inventory for me
I've been MIA for a long while. Was working with RogueTech, for a while. I stopped playing RT, when they added forced vehicle and aerotech pilots/vehicles for missions. Still have a soft spot for this game, though. It's my fav out of all the BT games. I'm actually trying to remember how to make mechs again, so I can offer some up to the guy that coded the 64bit MC2GL. Shader support isn't finished, but he's offloaded a ton of the gfx to the gpu. It compiles on Windows apparently, but I haven't been able to build it. Way beyond my capabilities.

Hence the bribe. ;)

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