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Blue Planet - French Translation
Welcome to the topic dedicated to the mod Blue Planet - French Translation released on Knossos.

The objective of this mod is to translate all the content of the original mod Blue Planet Complete into French.

If you have any suggestions to improve this translation or bugs to report, feel free to post it on this thread (in case of bug report, please check if the bug is not already present in the original mod first).



0.1.0: full release:
- War in Heaven Act 2 added
- capital ship nameplates translated
- loading screens translated

0.2.1: pre-release:
- includes FS Blue, Age of Aquarius, War in Heaven Act 1

Known issues
- Ship names are not translated on the friendly ship orders display.
- bp2-15 may crash during the very last cutscene, removing the unlocked checkpoints.
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Re: Blue Planet - French Translation
I am incredibly impressed that you tackled all this work. Thank you.

Re: Blue Planet - French Translation
The translation is now complete with the v1.0.0 release! I did my best to translate everything possible in this mod, but there are still some parts not translated, due to engine limitations or my lack of courage...